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The XMAX OONT's compact design and stylish appearance make it an attractive choice for anyone seeking an easy-to-use vaporizer. Its 100% isolated airpath guarantees a clean and pure vaping experience, while the five temperature settings and quick cleaning option provide convenience without complexity.

With user-friendly features like a three-click power button and a timer switchover, the XMAX OONT ensures a hassle-free experience. Additionally, the built-in 1500mAh battery and USB Type-C charging keep you ready for your next session.

  • Compact Design: Easy to carry and transport.
  • Cooler Design: Offers a comfortable and stylish grip.
  • 100% Isolated Airpath: Ensures pure and uncontaminated vapor.
  • Scalable Airpath: Customize your airflow preferences.
  • Quick Clean Feature: Effortlessly clean the oven with a push of the glass mouthpiece.
  • Temperature Settings: Choose from 5 temperature settings: 180°C, 190°C, 200°C, 210°C, and 220°C (356°F, 374°F, 392°F, 410°F, and 428°F in Fahrenheit).
  • Timer Switchover: Set timer options at 3 and 5 minutes for tailored vaping sessions.
  • Haptic Feedback: Receive tactile feedback for easy operation.
  • USB Type-C Charging: Convenient and fast charging capability.
  • Built-in Battery: Features a 1500mAh battery for long-lasting use.
    • XMAX OONT Dry Herb Vapouriser
    • Manual
    • USB Type-C Cable
    • Dosing Capsule
    • O-Ring
    • Alcohol wipes
    • Cotton swabs
    • Spiral Brush
    • Mesh Screens
    • Packing tool

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